Ever heard of a Shisha bar? How about a hooka or Hubbly Bubbly bar? Sounds more familiar? Well, one has JUST opened in Durbanville, right next to Pizza Hut.

Shisha has been around for hundreds of years, and goes by many aliases: Hookah, Hooka, Argilah, Hubbly Bubbly, Nargilah or Narghile depending on where you are or where you are from, but the owners like ‘shisha’.

Why Durbanville?
The demand was apparent. I have often received messages from people asking where they go for this experience. Buena Vista Social Café (when it existed in Durbanville) used to provide this experience, but since then, it’s hard to find a venue that stocks these contraptions. You don’t actually inhale the smoke. You simply suck it in, like a Cigar, and blow the fragrant vapour out. It’s almost ritualistic and some may find it unappealing, but for the rest of the adventurous, fragrant vapour enthusiasts, this is a welcome addition to Durbanville.

The owners currently operate Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the Western Cape, and it was their CEO Tony, who set them on the shisha journey. To make the story even stranger, Tony is an Australian, working here in South Africa. With no Middle Eastern, Persian, or Indian origin himself, he is a 20+ year ‘connoisseur’ of shisha (or so he tells us).

You can visit them for your Shisha experience, whilst enjoying anything from their bar (beer, wine, etc) ordering a pizza from next door, and playing the jukebox.

They even have a small private lounge in the back, with comfy leather couches and a sports screen, which you can use for a private Shisha experience with your friends. There is no venue hire.

They will be open 7 days a week, from today, from 9am till 2am (yes, you read right), and probably closing around 12am on Sundays.

Watch this space for updates.

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Shisha Hut Cape Town
Shisha Hut Durbanville

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