Medical Providers

Durbanville Medi Clinic: 45 Wellington Rd, Durbanville, 021 980 2100,

Intercare Tygervalley:

Durbanville Clinic and Day Hospital: De Villiers Dr, Durbanville, 021 444 7421

Advanced Durbanville Surgical Centre:

The Durbanville Surgical centre day hospital operated by Advanced Health is situated in Somerset cresent in Durbanville. It is one of our flagship facilities that was opened July 2015. The multi-disciplinary facility provides easy access for the public to high quality care.

General Practitioners



Medi-Clinic paediatricians:

Dr. Willem Smit: Sadre Park Hibiscus Street, Durbanville, 021 975 0035,


Just about every suburb in Durbanville has a pharmacy. Just visit your local value centre, or Clicks and Checkers store. Alternately, try these pharmacies.